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As a publisher, you will benefit from utmost attention to your titles. can be helpful, by reading your releases and discuss. We receive therefore like a review copy of your titles.

We can not guarantee that any book that we receive will be also reviewed in a few days. However, we will give priority to books that have recently appeared or have yet to appear.

Our critics are fond sent offer brochures. These documents are from front to rear elaboration. This analysis often produces a wide range of books on which we want to pay attention to. Of course you are also free to send unsolicited books.


We would like to emphasize once again from this place that has high independence are of paramount importance. On the content of reviews and the like prior to publication not be entered into. What we offer at each review a response capability so that our visitors can discuss a publication and may indicate whether they agree with our opinion.

Contact details

By email: editorial (monkeys circle)

By mail: Editors, Malvert 7388, 6538 DL NIJMEGEN

To advertise

If you want to get a book lover, where can you advertise better than With several thousand visitors per month you reach at a very clear niche. Visitors come from Dutch-speaking region (approximately 75% Netherlands 25% Belgium). offers a number of opportunities to generate publicity for your titles.

banner ads

The table below lists the possible sizes and positions. The rate at Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis. not sell ads based on Cost per Click (CPC), cost per sale (CPS) or cost-per-action (CPA)

format Position Price (CPM)
Leaderboard (728×90) at the top € 7.50
Half Banner (234×60 Side € 2.50
In-text banner (250×250) In content € 4.50
Minimum order worth € 15, decrease in multiples of 1000.


The placing of a advertorial also belongs to the possibilities. For an advertorial allows you together with our editorial an article, containing a maximum of one outgoing link. Placement of an advertorial costs € 25 and is valid for a period of one year. Advertorials are always marked as such on the site.

When applying for an advertorial retains the editors at all times have the right to refuse an article if it does not fit within their opinion.

Press Releases Subscription

The editors of loves press releases. You can also always send to the editorial address: editor (at sign) good read (dot) net. However, submitting a press release is not a guarantee of placement. Like every medium we too must make choices.

Would you still be sure that your press release will be posted on the site? Consider a subscription press releases: for only € 50, – you may, over a period of 12 months, with up to 12 press releases (maximum of one every two weeks). This subscription is reserved for companies and organizations that work with books and literature and is granted only after the permission of the editors.

Guaranteed placement of a single press release

Do you have only one press release that you want to place like? If you more or want to be more sure of placement, you can also opt for a paid placement. Your message will be reviewed by the editorial staff and if found suitable (fit within our general policy) and press release “labeled” displayed on the site. The costs are € 10, for a deployment of up to 1 month.

Other possibilities

Do you have something else in mind? Please contact us via [email protected]


For non-profit organizations that wish to promote reading among the general public, or have another way interfaces with the purpose of this website is a discount on the advertising rate of 30% is possible. Think you qualify? Please contact [email protected] .

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